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Out of Place (Pilot)-‐ Spencer is fixated on keeping everything in its exact, specific place. His obsession is so extreme it has cut him off from the outside world. But Spencer soon becomes a victim of his own behavior when random objects around his condo mysteriously shift out of place when he's not looking.
The Perfect Woman (Episode 2)-‐ A successful, good-‐looking businessman, Andrea, discovers an odd solution to nagging women in relationships. He buys a real life sex doll, a doll that looks and feels like a woman but is not real and most importantly, can't think. But his perfect world is shattered when the doll begins to talk and make demands.
The War is Over (Episode 3)-‐ Sergeant Cignerella and his platoon are celebrating the end of the war. But Sergeant Cignerella has one large setback, neither him nor anyone else can figure out how or when the war ended.
Death Behind the Door (Episode 4)-‐ At an séance, a cynical Tristan is told by a psychic that there will be three knocks and death will be behind the door. Tristan dismisses the prediction but becomes increasingly weary when his friends' fortunes start to come true.
A Story To Tell My Grandchildren (Episode 5)-‐ A retired Janitor, Morgan, wishes he could go back in time and pursue his boxing career so he would have better stories to tell his Grandson. But he will soon discover that a wish doesn't always bring the future you expect.
It's not fair, no? (Episode 6)-‐ An Italian waitress, Gloria, is so greedy that she wants all the money to herself, disregarding her fellow workers. But she soon finds that making all the money is not all that glorious, when she is left to run the place by herself with unusual, demanding customers.
Everyone is a pig (Episode 7)-‐ Ignoring the cries of the public, a farmer takes great pride in teaching his son how to torture and slaughter pigs. But he will soon learn his lesson when he wakes up as a pig and finds himself at the mercy of his well-‐trained son.
A Book by its Cover (Episode 8)-‐ A doctor contemplates whether to let a murderous patient die, instead of saving his life and breaking one of the most important Doctor codes. But he soon learns that there's a reason these codes were put there in the first place.
I Get a Kick out of You (Episode 9)-‐ A man in his 30s meets a bully from grade school who used to go around and kick everyone. He is satisfied to see that the bully now has a wooden leg. But he soon realizes he is missing something himself in result of this bully.
Mister Popularity (Episode 10)-‐ A nerdy, insecure man decides to combine all the great qualities that people are attracted to and form the ultimate personality, so he can become the most popular guy. But the more successful and flawless he becomes, he begins to wonder who he really is himself.
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